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Rediscover hemp
and transform it into the future.

We are living
through a crisis


If the current land pollution trend persists, the percentage is estimated to rise to 95% by 2050.

Some 3.2 billion people worldwide are negatively 

affected by contaminated land.

According to FAO, agricultural supply chains use 12.5 million tons of plastic products annually.


A turnaround in global supply chain is required.

Globally, we’ve lost about 87% of wetlands to land degradation since1900.

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Dr. Jane Goodall,

Scientist & Activist

Hemp as a solution


The opportunities related to hemp are multiple, promising sustainable growth in various productive sectors. Agriculture, industry and national craftsmanship are stimulated, relaunching

a plant that has characterized the history of the world.


With hemp, the agricultural supply chain is relaunched, creating a great opportunity for farmers, incentivized to stay in their territories, and entrepreneurs, expected of invest in the green economy generated by the multiple applications of the plant.

Why Hemp?




The performance characteristics of the hemp plant allow to obtain high quality raw materials, suitable for a variety of products, bringing sustainability and renewability to the traditional industry.

Hemp is the fastest growing plants on Earth.


It does not require pesticides and herbicides .


It is the fiber with the highest CO2 water saving.

Hemp is able to effectively extract polluting substances like lead, cadmium, nickel and selenium from contaminated soil.


Hemp is the fiber with the highest CO2 absorption rate.

C.I.C. proposes an idea of an hemp and plant cellulose based ethical supply chain founded on principles of 100% bio based and environmental sustainability.

Our mission


Our innovative startup has the primary objective of creating a European leader in the production of hemp, contributing to convert polluted soils and decrease the environmental impact caused by industrial pollution.


C.I.C. aims to stand as an ethical leader in the hemp industry by leveraging:

  • Partners with deep agricultural and industrial knowledge

  • A consolidated network with leading research institutes for the study of innovative biomaterials with which to completely replace plastic.


The hemp market


The areas allocated to the cultivation of industrial hemp are constantly growing throughout Italy: in six years the hectares have increased from 260 in 2011 to about 3000 in 2017 with an estimated 4,000 in 2018. Encouraging data, even if far from the approximately 80,000 hectares of the early 1900s.


The companies that are supplied are many and already active in various sectors such as construction, thermal and acoustic insulation, bioplastics, design, automobiles, paper, animal bedding, textiles and agriculture.

The hemp market

A great deal of room for maneuver

World bioplastics production capacity is set to increase significantly from around 2.4 million tons in 2021 to 7.5 milliontons in 2026.

The global industrial hemp market size was valued at $4.9 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach

$18.6 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 22.4% from 2021 to 2027.

The land used to cultivate the renewable raw material for bioplastics production is estimated at 0.7 million hectares in 2020 and continues to represent 0.015% of the global agricultural area of ​​4.7 billion hectares.

Why now



A third of the plastic produced in the world ends up in the soil and it is estimated that the amount of plastics in terrestrial ecosystems is times greater than that in the oceans.

According to the WHO, more than 200 diseases - from diarrhea to cancer - are linked to the intake of contaminated food.

Without healthy soils, more than half of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals are unattainable.



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Founder and Partner 
of C.I.C. Cellulosa Innovativa Canapa Start Up Innovativa Benefit S.r.l.


Founder and Partner 


Eclectic entrepreneur and business manager


Editor of international magazines


Knight of the Italian Republic

Italian creativity

can change the world

The main goal of the company is the R&D regarding any possible application in the biotechnology field linked with bio polimers made out of hemp.


This is also possible thanks to the support of the S.I.C. Società Italiana Canapa, which wants to relaunch industrial hemp in Italy, to transform the world of materials and support farmers in the cultivation of hemp.


The work of dissemination and collaboration with the main institutions, companies and individuals will make it possible to create innovative biomaterials that will replace 100% plastic, helping both large companies (B2B) and final consumers (B2C) to have products thatare truly a zero impact.

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